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Originally Posted by Vaheed1 View Post
Gangzoon - if the Z was twin turbo/supercharged - which would be the better car - the 335i or the Z? ( drivability only)
A twinturbo Z is essentially an GTR but lighter and without 4 wheel drive or any electronic aids...your going have to be a driving god not to put one backwards into a hedge. Theres a U tube video of one been launched from standstill and the driver nearly lost it just trying to keep it in a striaght line.

335i actually drives better than my Z...but only since i've had a LSD installed. Went out for a "run" this weekend and had fun keeping up a group of motorbikes.

Would I like to own an twinturbo Z, Yes please...would I trade my 335i for one...No thank you...would I trade my 335i for a new 370z.....No thanks....Damn you BMW why did you make the 335i so good ( or I could just be getting old).

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....surely will be a classic of the future?
This came up on the 350Z forum recently, to be honest I cannot really see how a mass produced car from one of the largest global car makers could ever become a classic. Yes if you bought one of the limited addition GT4s from new and kept it under lock and key in 30 year times it might be worth something to someone....but than why not go and spend 27K (yes thats the new list price before negotiations, very good value ) on a investment property or some really expensive wine

Look at things like the GT4 Celica, Toyota Supras, Rx-7s, or even the mighty skylines. All great cars, but ulitmaltly all end up been worth very little and been chaved up with Halfords tat