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Company car help please (non-bmw)

Hey everyone,

So I will be moving from Houston to Los Angeles, CA for work and will be getting a company car allowance.

I test drove some cars this weekend, and really cant go back to a Japanese car after owning a 335i (not trying to sound snobby). I will most likely be going with Volkswagen and am torn between a GTI and the CC.

The GTI would definately be more fun, but the CC is more sleek (more of a young professional looking car). Normally I would go with the GTI right away, but since this is a company car, I have to think about my image somewhat as well.

On a side note, and unfortunately, I will most likely be selling my 08 335i e92 . It just makes more financial sense to save some extra money instead of making a car payment on a car that will hardly be driven. (I'm saving for an engagement ring and wedding expenses for the the somewhat near future)

Thoughts on GTI vs CC? Any other cars that I should consider in that price range (25-30K)