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Originally Posted by vasillalov View Post
Alright folks,
What I think is worth noting here is this:

* The oil temperatures will follow closely the coolant temperatures.
Not at the track. Oil temps rise and level off. Water temps drop on the straights and increase on turns by as much as 10C deltas.

Originally Posted by vasillalov View Post
That Stett Oil cooler with the 180F thermostat is just a temporary patch. Once the coolant temps get up to 240, there is no way to keep the oil temps at 180F.
Quite the opposite. Both the STETT and the ER OCs have proven to hold oil temps under control, with the STETT stg2 going no higher than 260F with very aggressive track driving. The purpose of the 180F thermostat is not track-related, it's used primarily to warm up oil fast in the winter. The thermostat opens at the track either at the false grid or by lap 1 at the latest.

Originally Posted by vasillalov View Post
* It will be extremely beneficial for track people to cool off their engines by running their cars with AC on. Not only this will circulate the oil through the oil cooler, thus cooling it, but it will drop BOTH the coolant and oil temps to 180-190F.

If someone is willing to test my theory, that would be awesome. Do a track day with your AC on, windows closed and blower fan on speed 4 or higher. You will be amazed.
While I can't explain why you're seeing that behavior it's certainly worth testing, it's a simple test for any of us the next time we're out there.

Max blower fan speed was tested recently by enabling maxcool on and driving the water pump and fan at maximum with no reduction in water temps. And an FYI, we run at the track with windows down