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Auto Trans

Originally Posted by Eastmeetswest View Post
I forgot if I posted this or not but read it on a different forum and works really really well for you steptronic owners out there. WOrked wonders for me. Basicaly as you know your tranny "learns" and changes itself according to your driving style. Depending on how you have driven you may notice really jerky or rough shifts between gears if you have driven aggressivly or really slow passive shifts from driving like a grandma

Simple steps

1. Turn cars electronics on-push start button once or twice without turning the actual engine on.

2.Hold the gas pedal to the floor for 25 seconds
3. Most times you will hear the gearbox resetting itself and hear some "noise" coming from your car but not always noticable so dont worry if you dont
4 Now start your car and enjoy the gearbox reset to its factor settings and open for all new learning. The shifts are silky smooth again and shift points shift faster-basically it totally makes your tranny perform better.

It is a verified thing by BMW and definetly works
I saw this in the US site...I had try but nothing happen ? does it work the same for our 320i ?