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Move out of the way? Do you have any racing experience/knowledge at all? It is the general rule of racing, something that is talked about in EVERY drivers meeting at EVERY round, that it is the responsibility of the overtaking car/driver to make the pass. The slower car is ALWAYS to hold the racing line. That is the only way for the overtaking drivers to anticipate and plan accordingly to make the pass.

As far as the rules are concerned, the BMW's have been running at an advantage all season long. When IMSA finally anounced a revised rule set to bring them back to the pack they began whining. I used to like RLLR as a team. But after watching Rahal whine about teams like Corvette before they even turned a wheel in GT (Then GT2) to see them now have a rules advantage, makes me sick. Everyone should be on equal terms, only then will braging rights mean anything.