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Originally Posted by jbass524 View Post
Well this depends on how hard the car is pushed but you are kind of right.

All over this thread we talk about what really works and you seem to know what's possible.

I would get a Stett dual or ER dual oil cooler if I were you. You could add a transmission cooler that was more stout than the stock one. You would want a savvy race shop to install that for you so it's not in the way of anything. I would try it on top of the intercooler.

You could get a new intercooler too.

Good luck.

If you're a beginner at the track or willing to drive at 8/10s you can run all day long with no issues at 85-90F weather. At 100F+, sorry, game over.

Other than that in order of cost:

1. heater on. FREE

2. distilled water + water wetter for the radiator will yield immediate results for low cost. (maybe an hour of labor to drain/fill the radiator at an indy?).

3. OC next (~$800-$1000)

4. FMIC last (no idea on trasmission cooler cost, it's a custom item)

With #2,3 & 4 and 92F ambient I had my AT finish 4 out of 5 25-min advanced sessions a couple of weeks ago, which I consider more than acceptable.