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Originally Posted by BMW2Hart View Post
Gr8 writeup. How many miles on your BMW at the time of failure?
Do we need to remove the fan on my model to R/R the WP?

Yes you need to remove the radiator fan because you need the room. It is actually the easiest part of the job. There is one silver-colored torx screw on the upper right side corner to remove, two electrical connectors (temp sensor in the supply hose and the connector for the fan motor), and a thumb snap-clip on the left side about halfway down the side. The fan assembly, once freed from its mounts pulls out from the top (with a little finesse). The water pump, once you have it un-plumed from the hoses and free from the engine block (three bolts), you pull it forward towards the radiator, turn it 90 deg (so it is longitudinal to the radiator) move it to the left side of the car and drop it down once it clears the water pipe that runs along the cross member below the radiator.

Just as a side note, you are supposed to replace the aluminum water pump mounting bolts (because they are blue-headed), however the replacement bolts (come as a kit of three under the part number) are not blue-headed, which means they do not require replacement (if they are ever removed again). Knowing this, I wouldn't order the replacement bolts since the original bolts (with blue heads) are the same aluminum bolt as the replacement bolt (they just don't have the blue paint on the head). It saves you about 7 bucks. The torque on the bolts is around 80+ INCH/lbs (about 6 ft/lbs), which probably doesn't strech them very much.

Also, make sure you have a set of e-torx sockets because the pump bolts are external-torx headed.

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