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Originally Posted by outriding9800 View Post
I followed this and it was spot on...
Just as a FYI...

I did a "flush" (drained the pan filled it up drove around a bit repeated) then i dropped the pan and did the filter. Total was 12 quarts of oil.

I used Redline D4 ATF, and after 500 miles it is running very well, no gear whine, and shifts are very solid feeling (especially in DS mode).
I just ordered some Red Line. Then I saw this post:
Originally Posted by allmotorh22 View Post

They sell:
- genuine ZF Lifeguard6, aka OE BMW fill, Oil No. 8322 0142516. $17 bucks
- a kit w/ filter (new oil pan) and 6 ltrs of Lifeguard6, $218

ZF Documented procedures:

our tranny, steptronic rear wheel drive = 6HP19

thank me later
so I went searching for tranny oil pans, just to compare. The ctsc website has the pan only for $143.66 so I think that I'll just order the pan by itself and use Red Line D4 exclusively.

Now here's the kicker. While doing a comparison search for oil pans, I put my VIN in and it said that I have a GM GA6L45R transmission, not a ZR 6HP19. So I'm going to wait until I pull the cover off the bottom of the car and confirm it's a ZR transmission. It appears that the GM transmission is only for xis, but I got enough conflicting data that I'll check closely before draining the oil. Red Line D4 is not compatible with the GM transmission, and if that's the case, I'll just do the project another day.

I assume that everyone who's done this has found a ZR transmission? For those with xis deciding to do this, make sure you get Dexron VI specs, not Shell M1375.4 specs.

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