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I'm just happy it's back for SURE

I'm hoping (though I KNOW better) that Polian pulls in either Bush and gets rid of Addai and/or brings in Asomough (sorry for spelling). ONE of those would be amazing, but BP doesn't go for free agency.

On a purely speculative note, for discussion's sake...

How amazing would Reggie Bush be for Indy? Putting as much homerism aside, I can honestly say that it would make sense. If nothing else, it would shore up a consistently terrible return game. And one wouldn't EXPECT him to be able to rush any better than he has been for NO, but IMO he's got that little extra than Addai does. Hands are on par with Addai, but he's got that burst and (most importantly for me) WANT to get into the endzone.

Again, nothing but starting a convo. Interested in thoughts, don't just bash.