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iTunes Account Problem?

I got home from work today to find three emails from Apple.

Emails 1 and 2 were warning me of purchases that had been made on my iTunes account but from a machine not authorised on the account.

Email 3 was warning me that my name and credit card details had been changed on my iTunes account but from a machine not authorised on the account.

I haven't logged into iTunes for a couple of days and low and behold, I log on and find my 20ish balance down to 88p

My name didn't look like it had been changed but my card details had disappeared (although they never show - it's all asterix'd out except for 4 digits).

Also, one of the products that was purchased was an app/game called Kingdom Conquest and was in my iTunes account available for download

Then, to add a bit of confusion (and I appreciate this scenario might be because she is a girl), my girlfriend got a text (yes, a text?) from Apple with similar warnings to my emails regarding her iTunes account yet as soon as she went to open the text, it disappeared? She has had no email

So to all you knowledgable people, how has this happened as this looks very dodgy? Should I be overly worried (I have changed my passwords in the first instance)?

Any ideas on why my card details just disappeared and should I be concerned given even I couldn't see my card details?

Is there anyway I can get my money back for the purchase for Kingdom Conquest that I really don't want?