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Hey guys-that tech simply doesnt know what he is talking about. It definetly works on current 7 and 5 series cars as well as the 3s.

To answer a question-you turn the cars electronics on-I dont know if that requires 1 or 2 pushes-I believe 2. Just dont put your foot on the brake and instead just hit the start button to get all the guages lit up. Then you hold the accelerator down to the floor as far as it goes.

I will post the sheet with instructions on how to get into all the secret menus-about 40 of them all displayed where your temperature, mileage etc is displayed-in that orange digital readout.

The only ones I find useful are the digital speedo, tach so I can compare it to the needle (even though its not a true analog guage-the needle simple reads the digital speedo and provides a look-a-like analog but the reading is still taken digitally so the most accurate speed and more imporantly tach-if you want to figure out the best shift points for your car-I find it easier to use the digital ones.

I also like to keep an eye on engine temp sometimes too.

I do not know it off the topc of my heads..You start out my holding down the Trip button reset/milage reset fort 15 seconds-you can do this just to see the menu options light up. You than have to add up the last 5 digits of your VIN to get a total and this will unlock the menu. THe specific instructions I will have to find the sheet I have it on but try it out-and by the way restarting your car puts everything back to normal-ie-gets rid of the menus that are displayed.

And if you do not notice a difference doing the tranny reset-than you probably do not have jerky shifts or any problems therefore resetting makes a minimal diff. But for me it was huge since my shifts were insanly jerky, especially downshifting from 3 to 2 and 2 to 1