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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
^ Not a black car guy but would really like to see the track pkg car in black.

I love white cars but the track would just seem to be more at home in black. Paint wing frame black...

May be a silly question, stickypaws maybe can answer, but why was the CLK BS nearly 125K and this one starts at 90K. Surely the track pkg is not 35K??

Maybe it is. I still love it.
God Damn I need that car now!!! Full sinister black please!!!

I think it had to do with the timing of the CLK BS. It was their 2nd black series car (slk came first i think, but it's more of the darkhorse since not many ppl know about it). At the time, the CLK BS was the only thing Benz had at that caliber of a car. Plus not too many were made. That all adding up, makes for the high price.