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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
^ Not a black car guy but would really like to see the track pkg car in black.

I love white cars but the track would just seem to be more at home in black. Paint wing frame black...

May be a silly question, stickypaws maybe can answer, but why was the CLK BS nearly 125K and this one starts at 90K. Surely the track pkg is not 35K??
Maybe it is. I still love it.
The pricing is all speculation at the moment. There's not even an actual release date yet. The final production number will determine the pricing. And the numbers available will be limited. So any of the figures out there are just assumptions at the moment.

Also the interior you see in those photos won't be available here. Those seats don't have airbags and will not be available for the US market. Instead the seats will be special BS seats from the new C63 coupe that can be certified in the US.

All the stuff and the pics, etc., is based on the Euro version launch car and not what's going to be imported here. Everything, including options, will be announced eventually by MBUSA. Right now there's no real factual info available.

As far as the CLK pricing in the past, remember that even though it's based on the W202 and W203 platforms, it was still positioned as an E Class coupe in the product line and priced accordingly. So the CLK63 was an "E63 coupe" and the CLK63 BS was considered a "step up" from the regular AMG E Class. This new C63 Black is a C Class coupe without pretensions of being an E Class. Mercedes has now dropped the CLK name and instead uses "E Class coupe" (even though it's still based on the W204 platform, go figure.) In the end it's just about product placement and positioning (and profit margins.)

Gonzo, not sure where you got that $90k figure from. The UK press says around 100k pounds sterling. This car will not be selling for $90k that's for certain. But again the pricing is all speculation at the moment. And EVO even removed their article on request from Mercedes. Nothing will be known until much later. You can place an order with a dealer to try to get on a list but that's about it.