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Originally Posted by mobileadam View Post
Thanks everyone.

I found a few nice e93's in various colours and options for 25K, quite a few engine options too (although the 330d seem popular). The only concern from the wife was getting stuck in the snow as I have done with my e92.

I think the bigger audis (A4 / A5) would look like she has borrowed my car. The TT I thought was a good female choice but the lack of 4 seats means we would use it less.

If it was my choice I'd probably go for a Z4 convertible with the folding metal roof (again only 2 seats) but looks nice. I'll look around at the used Porsche sites as it might be easier to just get another one and find some extra cash.
Audi S3 is 4WD bit dated now or VW Golf R although not many around if she will settle for FWD you could consider the Scirocco R (lovely looking Car but I'm biased)