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Originally Posted by Mprofiler View Post
Do you know if they will offer different color choices for seats in NA? Or is just going to be black like other BS.

I think this car will definitely be less than the clkBS here, since that car in Germany was about 142k euros while this is about 115k euros. If they price it like a GT3 here, since a GT3 in Germany cost about 117k euros, then it could be around 110k base... but who knows, could be cheaper or more expensive.
The seats will be the C63 Coupe seats but with a different stitching and color matching seat belts. They may be offered in a duo color choice like the regular AMG coupe, but I'm not positive about that.

Pricing will be determined when the production numbers have been set. It's still up in the air. But when they release a BS car, there is only one model at a time to choose from so it's not like they are competing with themselves among all models like the regular AMGs. As an exclusive product with limited production they can obviously command a higher price than is dictated by the usual product positioning among models.

This will be the fourth BS car produced.

1) SLK55 Black Series: 120 units offered during a 9 month period (not available for the US market.)

2) CLK63 Black Series: 700 units offered during an 11 month period.

3) SL65 Black Series: 350 units offered during an 11 month period.

4) C63 Coupe Black Series: TBA