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George, Picus, or any other detailing experts - I need a little advice here. My e90 is black saph, and I've had it since last Oct, although because I've got a few other cars (including a company car) I only have 800 miles on it, and it's garaged. I did a full new car prep after 6 months (I was wrong thinking I had to wait 6 months because the paint was too soft). I use Griot's products, mainly because their store is 15 minutes away. I keep 2 coats of "Best of Show" wax on the car, applied with a pc. I have never used a sealant, which is the area I need help with. I tend to get a few marks on my car after driving, and even after a wash, something always seems to show up. I know how to wash, following detailed steps learned on this forum (I use 3 different sheepskin gloves, including 1 specifically for the hood, so I'm extremely careful). I want 2 things, to protect my wax with a sealant, and to make the color "pop" more. I plan on stripping my car down to a clean slate, removing all contaminates, removing any light scratches/marks, then applying wax again with a pc. What should I do next? Can I simply apply some Z5 pro with my pc? Or is there something else I should do? I've been through a detailing class at Griots so I'm good up to the sealant stage.

Oh, and should Z8 gloss enhancer be thrown in there somewhere? Thx in advance.
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