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Originally Posted by stickypaws View Post
Pricing will be determined when the production numbers have been set. It's still up in the air. But when they release a BS car, there is only one model at a time to choose from so it's not like they are competing with themselves among all models like the regular AMGs. As an exclusive product with limited production they can obviously command a higher price than is dictated by the usual product positioning among models.
Yeah for sure. It's just that I doubt MBUSA will be charging higher than the clkBS since the C63BS is cheaper than the clkbs in Germany (when it was available). Alot cheaper in fact. The pricing of the c63BS is also suprisingly close to the GT3 in Germany, so maybe they are taking a look at the market situation. I think it could be a similar scenario for the U.S. or maybe even 911 GTS type pricing if we're lucky.

I hope we know soon enough.

Not BS related, sls on the ring:

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