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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
How so?

There's no driver aids whatsoever. No TCS, No ABS. It's actually made it 20 times MORE involved for the driver than even 10 years ago. You just need to see Schumi attempting to adapt to all the buttons he has to push now to see that... changing wing angle, brake bias, engine map all on the fly multiple times per lap whilst travelling in excess of 200 mph for 90mins. My head can't even compute that level of neurone activity to be honest.. Which is why most races are won or lost now on concentration issues / driver error rather than reliability as it used to be (again I'm thinking towards the end of the schumi era.. IE when the McLaren was consistently faster than the ferarri but would explode and throw hakkinen into a wall for no reason rather than finish the race)

I think most people swho say F1 is uninvolved or boring are those who don't actually bother giving it a chance. It's like a soap opera though a little bit: You need to stick with it and understand how the team and driver dynamics is changing through the course of a season.. Otherwise if you dip in for half a race twice a season of course you won't enjoy it so much, non?

There is of course (not that I'm suggesting you are one of them) also the kind of participant that only watches racing to see accidents.. So that rules F1 out for more and more people due to increased reliability and the strictest marshalling and enforcement of penalties that I remember.
+1 Couldn't have put it better myself!

I understand how people harp back to the senna era and quite right the man was a genius.

As Mega posted the sport has become so technically advanced you've got to admire these guys for what they do over 90mins.

As for crashes, the sport couldn't have carried on the way it had after Sennas death. Safety must be paramount when your traveling at speeds in excess of 150 mph. Don't think Moss should ever argue the sports too safe now.

If you want crashes watch the wrc kubica has first hand experience of this!