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I get Sky Sports 1, 2, and 3 on Virgin media for 19 per month so I don't know where your 30 comes from Mega.

The BBC had exclusive coverage until 2013 but have often been criticised for paying way too much for it so going down to half the races from 2012 means they have got some money back, clearly.

But it does mean that, for the first time, the Formula 1 season will not be entirely available on free to air TV and that is diabolical. I thought F1 was one of the ring fenced activities that had to be available on free to air television. On the other hand, Sky has over 10 million subscribers so no longer does a small minority get to see the races.

I hate that Sky charges for you to watch programmes that, previously, were available on free to air TV and then sticks the knife in by having even longer and more banal advertising as well. They make money twice! I can't stand to watch a programme on Sky 1 or 2 live, I always record it so I can zip through the brain wash tedium.

Oh, and a buck says there will be adverts during the race, after all, ITV got away with it.