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Originally Posted by creepy coupe View Post
Same here, todays F1 is so sterile, the technology (which I admire greatly BTW) has taken the interaction of the driver out, to a large extent.

Races are now won/lost on a wheel nut falling off or staying out with a particular set of tyre for two laps too many.
Agree it is sterile.
Having recently watched Senna the documentary, the sigh of the man on the ragged edge changing gears manually, is just awesome.
But do you really want to see an F1 driver die on the track again?

Although the race has alot to do with the driver still. There is no room for them to be heros anymore though. Only a massive margin for them to cock up.
Have you seen the incar footage recently, they are fiddling with settings after almost every corner.
Alot of the time this gets lost as the commentators focus on what they think is important and have info about, ie tires and the degradation. Also dont think the tire supplier would be happy if they didnt mention it every 10 seconds.

I wish the GT4 races where better televised. Thats real racing, all cars different yet equalised. Pure driver skill