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Originally Posted by Boyd1963 View Post
I think that I prefer the old "Communist" system where I paid my license fee and ALL the top sporting events were free. Funny how having "more choice" and "competition" usually means fleecing the consumer. Just look at our utility bills!

Long live the revolution!
Blame the sporting bodies who demand the fees then mate and not the broadcasters who have to pass on the costs as such.

Only have my TV from SKY would not give them any more money for other services so I am not exactly a SKY fanboy but I do like my Sport and willing to pay for what I want to watch. The BBC just cannot compete any more and thus they should just give in and pack up and let me be 150 odd better off. Offer themselves as a 'premium' sub service to those who STILL value them cause I don't anymore.

Not a revolution as such more of an evolution in a way. Not great but hey it's the way it is nowadays.