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Originally Posted by Boyd1963 View Post
I blame Sky.

In the olden days because ITV and the BBC were limited to fairly modest budgets the sporting bodies had to be happy with what they got. However because Sky could charge a subscription they could offer much more than the terrestrial channels and steal away the sport which is exactly what has happened. So now the British public are giving money to ars*holes like the Glazers!
Yeah it is not good but my argument is about FTA TV, which at the end of the day there is not really no such thing. Actually work for an energy company and all we can do is pass on costs that the wholesale electric and gas generators/importers charge, hence why prices just go up. In a way Sporting bodies like the FIA can get away with this now, SKY can only buy so much so perhaps that is why this is a joint bid still, for all we know SKY may have 'invited' the BBC to stay on board to keep the cost down. Who knows.