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Originally Posted by AlanQS View Post
Considering that you pay twice as much for commercial terrestrial TV as you do the BBC license fee (the ads have to be paid for and it sure as hell isn't the advertiser but Joe Punter, reflected in the selling price), and considering that Joe Punter pays through his purchases for products advertised on Sky, even if he doesn't have Sky, and then Sky charge you another massive slab on top of that, the BBC is an absolute bargain!

No effing interminable adverts every eight minutes, a country wide network of local and national radio stations, a brilliant web site, the red button, iPlayer, The World Service, two HD channels and two non-HD. The BBC offers a lot wider variety of services than anyone else.

I just wish their programming would improve and for people to stop saying that commercial terrestrial TV is "free". It isn't.

So my TV License fee pays ITV and Channel 5 also? Know that Channel 4 got government funding for a while but not sure that is the case now.

BBC to me just offer Labour spin bias news, totally anti Man Utd in Sports coverage (Hansen and Lawro help with that) and celebrate a world radio service that I cannot listen too cause I live in the UK. Their TV BBC World news service is also rubbish compared to SKY News international service also and most hotels show this now instead. Their programs are mostly funded by outside firms and watching repeats of Top Gear on Dave proves that I could watch BBC programs and put up with ads now and then.

Ironically I pay my fee quarterly just in case if it goes then I want have to wait for too much of a rebate, so they actually get more money out of me via that payment method.