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I do a official GP thread for every GP. In OFF topic.

I think Kob is great. He overtakes well without crashing.

Vettel goes through a field well too. You need a car underneath you.

both Hamilton and Vettel are very aggressive.

Originally Posted by jabroni80 View Post
Yeah I know what you mean mate but i meant him racing for rb as a driver with that package around him.....he'd be awesome.
Reason the Mclarens designed round Hamilton is simply because he's a better driver than Button. Buttons a good number 2 driver. I agree Hamiltons made some crazy moves this season but if you take that out of his driving style he wouldn't be half the driver he is. I love his arrogance and do or die driving style... there isn't enough drivers like him in the championship. Kobyashi is another guy who I admire when he's cars setup well these guys make the sport what it is.

Take these guys out of the sport and creepy could have a point about boring.

As for going off subject, maybe we should start an F1 thread on here for debate after race weekend ....seems like there's enough interest?
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