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From a newspaper....

The BBC will show the qualifying and the race from half the grands prix, including Silverstone, Monaco and the final race of the season. Sky will show all the races live, plus extensive coverage of the build-up and qualifying, and Slater said there was a possibility that they could share production resources and even on‑screen talent. "We will seek to share production resources where appropriate, that is something we are working through."

Sky Sports has said it will not run adverts during its coverage and will instead limit them to the pre- and post-race show. They proved highly unpopular when on ITV and a spokesman said: "We won't have adverts while the races are running. We know they were very unpopular in the past and we don't have to go down that route."

It is understood that the deal was signed at 5.05am in order to enable Sky to unveil it before announcing its results to the City. The new deal will give added impetus to ongoing attempts by News Corp, which owns 39% of BSkyB, to put together a consortium to buy Formula One from the venture capital group CVC. Brundle, the former driver who is one of the faces of the BBC's Formula One coverage, tweeted: "Found out last night, no idea how it will work yet I'm out of contract, will calmly work through options. Not impressed."
As long as the BBC always show the highlights - say a good 60mins+, and we still get Brundle pit walk etc. - it might not be a total disaster.

Might even force me out to a suitable pub for the Sky races......"got no choice dear...". Every cloud!
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