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a few things about new car prepping, i work in a detail shop where i deal with a fair amount of new car preps for the local mercedes dealership and i also do independent detailing. first, when washing using a good all purpose cleaner around the base of the doors and where any adhesives are left over will many times get most of the residue off and whatever is not taken off then should be able to be removed with clay. second, some owners are unfortunate enough to recieve their cars and the paint has a slightly marred and unsmooth texture called "orange peel," (becuase of the visual resemblence the clar coat has to an orange peel) i dont think this topic has been touched on in this forum yet. i dont remember exactly what it is caused by but basically the clear coat doesnt settle right or soemthing. orange peel affects the reflection coming from the paint and distorts images a little and ultimately affects the final overall appearance of the car. in order to rid your car of this you need to compound and then polish your car (preferably with a rotary buffer) in order to reduce the orange peel like texture. only polishing your car will not produce very good results because it will not remove enough clearcoat as compounding. if one is not confident enough with a buffer in hand, take it to your local detail shop. in the end it will leave your car looking much much smoother and better.