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hi guys just allitle about my self ... where to begin...well my name is greg ..i moved to h town about 4 years ago from florida for work. I own a white 07 335i coupe. Ive done just a few little things with my car. I changed out my knob for a illuminated knob that ...i changed out my interior dash trim and covered it with dinoc carbon fiber ..ugh that was dumb to do especially in this weather ...f*cking bubble starting to form... um well i changed out the turn signals wiesslicht bulbs and thats about it. i did change roundels to red and white .. just some little stupid i just bought a hamman front lip and side skirts and my plan is to change out the exterior like the hood to a then work my way back to the rear ..trunk.diffuser..blah blah blah ..just takes a lot of money for all this is under warranty so i don't wanna mess with speed until it expires .. i just love my car ..i look at parts all the freakin time hmmm oh yeah myself well im an air traffic controller love that as well.. im 27 ..married kids .. like to drink and i was born in poland so i love vodka i speak polish and a tad bit german well hope to meet you all soon.. any questions feel free to ask
i specifically remember you saying your wife was hot as well.

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