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Originally Posted by UsnRoberts View Post
yeah there is a lot of chance you are taking when not buying new AND paying with no return policy, sending money to someone you dont know can be held liable to ship ect.

Btw I am still interested in the rear if you come down.
True, not that I don't trust a lot of the forum members. A swaybar is something that doesn't get a whole lot of wear, but the endlinks do wear out. Regardless, for a few bucks more, why not purchase new.
Originally Posted by Boost2Perfection View Post
I'm in the same boat i'm trying to sell mine... never installed they were used for a little bit from the first owner, i bought new links in mine and i get is low ballers.... not trying to thread jack or anything but im actually thinkin about keeping mine and having them installed... It's amazing how cheap some ppl are on this forum but they drive a BMW. Anyways GLWS
You should just install them then. I'm not trying to low ball anyone, it's not like I'm making the OP some ridiculous low offer - I simply declined to purchase because I'd rather pay a bit more for a new set. Not purchasing and low balling are completely different things I think.

On the other hand, one could argue "It's amazing how cheap some sellers are on this forum but they drive a BMW." I could easily say that sellers are the ones being cheap and trying to get like 85% value out of their used parts. It's a matter of perspective. I don't think the seller is a cheap skate, what he wants to get out of his parts is what he wants to get. I didn't want to buy at that price, it's that simple.
Originally Posted by RedTRex View Post
serious....did you even attempt to go to the Hotchkis link and price it out?
Yeah - Tire Rack has them for $292 (was $287 when I declined to buy yesterday) plus $16 to ship. So I can get it now for $308. In fact, I think I'll get it now before it's out of stock since there's only 3 left.

EDIT: Nevermind, tire rack is still $287. It's the H&R which is $292. So it's $303 shipped to me.
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