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Thanks for getting back to me George. Let me ask you this, after I get through with all my prep, and I'm ready for the sealant (after polish), what products would you recommend? I'm not married to "Best of Show", and I've never used Zaino before.

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normtrum, great questions. The first thing to point out is that you wouldn't apply the sealant over your Best of Show wax. I too initially thought this was the best thing to do when I first learned about detailing, but here are the reasons you would want to apply the sealant under the wax.

If you were to apply a sealant over the wax, you will typically notice the sealant having a difficult time trying to bond on top of the wax and prevent even coverage. Also, the durability of the sealant would now become the durability of the wax, which is usually the major reason you use a sealant is for its extended durability. Finally, you'd want your best looking end product as the last step to get the most out of it's depth and gloss, which typically is your wax.

So the correct order would be to wash / dry -> clay -> polish -> sealant (Z-5 if that's what you end up with) -> Wax (Best of Show)... if you were to use the Z-8, I think it would be best used between the coat of Z-5 and your Best of Show Wax.

The additional "pop" will come from your prep work stages. Properly removing the contamination (wash & dry -> clay) and removing (or hiding) as many imperfections (compounding, polishing -> glazing) will get you the most out of your paint. The sealant will give you underlying durability for many months, and your wax will give you that added dimension of depth and gloss.

I think this covers most of what you asked, if you'd like me to clarify anything or you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Let us know how you make out.