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Huge Problem-help! (Solved: wire and fuse box connection issue SIB)

I drive a 2007 E90 328i with around 53k miles now.

Pulled up to fill up with gas... I turned my car off and filled it up like normal, nothing unusual at all. Got back in my car and nothing worked at all. No lights/horn/No start. Could not even pull my key out of the car/could not shift out of park/steering wheel still will turn though... (its acting if there is no battery connected at all) no sign of any type of electrical system on at all.

I had my volt meter and tested it... Volts were all normal. Tried to jump just incase and nothing worked at all..

Called BMW tow service and towed to my house... Its just sitting here broke still. Anyone had this problem? Any help at all?? Im going to be reading on here till I figure it out... going to try and tackle it in the morning but looking for ideas???

PLEASE HELP... so far I looked at a few of the fuses and tried to jump and that did not work... I had to move it so just got it towed to my house.