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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
Sounds HPFPish :S. Do the diesels have HPFP? I do know they still have glow plugs just to pre-heat the combustion chamber and only had to wait about 2 seconds one morning to start our 330d. The temp was minus 19 Degrees C however! It shows a little coil symbol then cranks when ready. Normally, even when getting in and starting almost immediately, there is no delay!
Hope your 35d gets sorted!
Our cars have a VHPFP, a Bosch CP-3 running 1600-1800 bar (~23,500-26,500psi), but to be honest, this sounds DME-related, not fuel pressure. If the fuel rail isn't up to specified pressure, it likely wouldn't start at all.

bobyyy, unless your garage is well-versed in BMW diesels, I would take your car back to the may initially seem more expensive, but the diagnostics should find the problem fairly quickly.

Good luck.

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