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Originally Posted by normtrum View Post
Thanks for getting back to me George. Let me ask you this, after I get through with all my prep, and I'm ready for the sealant (after polish), what products would you recommend? I'm not married to "Best of Show", and I've never used Zaino before.
If you were picking from Detailed Image, my favorite combinations are the following for Black Sapphire Metallic paint:

Best Bang for the Buck Combo:
Poorboy's EX-P Sealant
Poorboy's Natty's Blue Paste Wax

Best Possible Looks:
Menzerna Full Molecular Jacket
Pinnacle Souveran

Some differences between the two combo's...
The Poorboy's package will give you the best possible results in the looks department for slightly under $30 (with the e90post 10% discount). The EX-P will yield 3 - 4 months of protection, is very easy to work with and looks great on metallic colors. Natty's Blue adds a lot of depth and gloss, highlights the metallic flake and adds that wet look lasting ~1 month.

The Menzerna FMJ / Souveran package adds a few features. Slightly longer durability on the sealant, anywhere from 4 - 6 months on average. One benefit that FMJ offers is the surface slickness after applying it, it is VERY slick, especially when you prep the surface properly. On a mid sized car, I use about .75 oz per coat, less is more. I typically apply 2 coats to ensure even coverage, one after another. After letting the FMJ fully cure for 24 hours, apply Pinnacle Souveran on top for an extremely deep, warm glow that other waxes are unable to achieve until you begin to spend upwards around ~$150+ / jar. The downside is its durability is pretty short lived, 2 - 4 weeks tops.

Those, or any combination of those products (like Menzerna FMJ and Natty's Blue is another great option) would be what I'd recommend for maximum results on your specific colored vehicle. I don't think you'd be disappointed with any of the proposed combinations (including the Z5 / Best of Show combo). Let us know what you decide on and how you make out with everything.