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FTM fail after 19" upgrade

So I upgraded my 16" stock RFT with a set of 19" MRR GT1 in kumho 235/35/19s and after driving on them for about 30 minutes my FTM warning light came on. After I got home I put it in park, scrolled to the FTM via BC button and held it until I got a check mark and the light turned off. In the morning I will drive around and see if it comes back.

In the meantime, Why did this light come on? The tire guy told me my stock tires didn't have sensors on them and he used some valve stems he uses in his shop, and I called BMW and asked them about my model/year car and they told me that I don't have equipped TMPS in my car. But if I didn't have them why would I have the option on the onboard computer? Thanks in advance