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Your experience with an E92 323i

I've been lurking around this forum for a few months and this is my first post. I just want to know if anybody out there owns an E92 323i (Auto transmission) who is either satisified or regretting their purchase wishing they should have gotten the more powerful model. The 325i is of course the better option but it is pricier. I'd rather not spend more if the 323i is good enough around town (335i is not an option as it is off my budget).

I know that I should test drive both of them and decide but a test drive is different from real world daily experiences. I'd be mostly driving around sydney with just the occasional out of town trips.

If I would go for a 323 Coupe, I'd like the following options:

Metallic paint
professional navigation
logic 7
auto trans

The car has to be auto as my wife cannot drive a manual. My dilemna is that if I go for the 325, then I'm gonna have to remove most of the options on the list.

Another thing, can anybody give me an idea of what would be the best price in Sydney for the 323 with the above options.