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335xi to Porsche Cayenne or Mercedes S Class

I need of a cruiser.

I was very impressed by my 335xi for many reasons; powerful, pretty fun, practical; a few negatives as usual - I didn't like the turbo engine (unpredictable response, laggy esp with AWD and 6MT and drive by wire throttle, don't like the elastic band feeling of turbo engines). The car is good, its probably the best car in the world in its segment. Part of the reason why I feel this way is after driving the Panamera -- the 335 can feel a bit frustrating to drive.

If I were to get another car in this segment, it would be the same car.

I was however thinking of moving up to either a Cayenne or an S-Class for cruising/DD and adding a 911 or Cayman as a driver's car sometime in the future, if the Panamera isn't enough or if I don't have enough time (which is more likely)

I know you guys love your 3 series -- it really is the best car in the world for driving pleasure/comfort/practicality at that price point.

Which vehicle would you choose? Cayenne V6 or S Class if you had to choose -- bear in mind for those who haven't driven an S has road feel and is quite composed.