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Smile Thanks to OP and the rest of the people that contributed.

My 2011 N55 335i finally reached 1,500 miles and originally planned on changing the break-in oil. This is my 1st BMW and didn't know how to perform the oil change on this car. This DIY from OP and the thread of discussions helped me out a lot. There's been a debate on whether to put 6.5 quarts or the full 7 quarts of oil. I used Castrol 0W-30 that I bought from Autozone. I put in 6.5 to test and see where the oil level would show up and it's confirmed to show at FULL level. I didn't want to overfill as this is not good for the engine.

Also, I tried putting a line mark for the oil filter but when I tried to install a new one in, I couldn't line it back up with the marker so I just ignored it and finished tightening it. By the way, these damn Rhino ramps are a pain in the ass! It would slip out and shoot forward everytime I try to get the tires up there. I finally had to get two people to block the ramp and that worked.

I bought two oil filters from BMW of Murrieta. As shown on the picture below, the oil plug had the original aluminum washer while the kit comes with a copper version. Here are some of the pictures I took with my phone during the oil change. Thanks everyone!
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