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I agree. That's just stupid. Its just a screw? Even for my PCV line; they had just one in stock in the whole province. I dont get it. Almost $100 for a rubber hose and availability is very limited. Keep your stock levels high and you're gonna double your business profit! Isnt that what a dealer is all about? That's what I thought before having to deal with BMW.

As for the screws, I almost gave up for the entire project just trying to find those. I assume that they're not standard and BMW seems to be the only manufacturer to use those kind of screws. I've made all the places I could possibly think of; Canadian Tire, Canac, NAPA Autoparts, Carquest and they had some, but not in the right threading. I've then paid a visit to the mechanic close to my place that repair a lot of bimmers and he could sell me 3 of the ***849 screws, and one of the ***850. So that was a good start having found half of my screws. Went back to the dealer to get the 2 ***849 that he had on stock; that led me to find one ***850 and one ***851.

I found a screw like the ***850 in my toolbox; dont remember where it came from (most probably the stock air box) but it fits. The ***851 screw was a real pain. Its a bit longer, so it looks funny, but at least the DISA is firm in place and doesnt create any leak. That's gonna have to do until I get the OEM from Tischer at $.62 a piece!

With both actuators fixed to the manifold, I now return to my car feeling like Link when he got the last piece of the triforce!

So; that's my source. I would suggest you guys find your screws before doing anything. I was under the impression that "bah; those are just screws that can be found anywhere"; my mistake.

Gotta go back to work now! I have to sit for ~five minutes at every fifteen minutes or so of work since my back is sore like hell. But at least that gives me plenty of time to plan the next moves.
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