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Didnt need the vent hose since my OEM hoses were in pretty good shape. Same with my PCV line. The rubber & plastics are holding on quite well for a 4 years old car. But the vent hose I got from Tischer was a little different the the OEM hose, but I could connect the hose to the new manifold, so I didnt ask many questions and moved on.

I didnt test drive it much. Its rush hour right now and i'm tired of being bent over the hood for all this time. But I'm not sure i'm happy with the results for now. Car is sure smooth as hell... but. I've promised myself not to jump to conclusions before giving the mod a real driving chance.

And now comes the questions:

1- Does the ECU needs to adapt to or is the new manifold need to break in? Cause right now, I dont feel any much more ponies then stock. But I feel the impact of the mod. Car breathes a lot better now a shifts / downshifts are buttersmooth.

2- I've done a throttle body reset and i'm affraid this might had done something to the mapping uploaded on the ECU by AA. Is it just my mind who's playing me or it could really have done something to the mapping? I really doubt that it could be possible because its still an EPROM and you cant override data like this, but I felt like going back to stock when I did the sequence to reset the throttle. Here is the sequence i've done:
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****Stay away from your break pedal!****
1. Insert fob into slot (if you have a key, turn it 2 clicks to the right)
2. Press Start/Stop Engine button (no break)
3. Depress gas pedal all the way down for ~30s (if you listen, you will hear adjustments)
4. Press Start/Stop Engine button (no break)
5. Release gas pedal.
6. Wait about 2 min
7. Start car
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