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2008 328XI - 'CPO' versus 'Balance of CPO'

New to the forums and I just purchased my first BMW - a 2008 328xi.

While I was researching my purchase I found a dealer who had the car that I wanted listed on their website under 'Certified Pre-Owned Inventory.' Long story short, while at the dealership they kept referring to the car as a 'Balance of CPO' vehicle, didn't think anything of it, purchased the car, had some questions about the car after getting home, and asked the dealership for the CPO inspection report. The response I got was that the car was not an 'active CPO' and only received a 'used car inspection' therefor there is no BMW USA CPO certification checklist.

At this point I'm confused on a couple of points:
  • What should I do here? I feel like the vehicle was blatantly misrepresented to me during the sales process.
  • What is the status of any BMW manufacturer's warranties?
  • Has anyone ever heard of a 'Balance of CPO?'

Thanks for any input the board has. Haven't replied to the email from the dealership yet that stated the vehicle isn't CPO. I honestly don't even know what to say at this point.