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Seems to me the bigger problem will be proving the dealer is the guilty party in all this mess. The indy shop could have screwed something up too. Based on the fact that your car is overheating or at least showing and overheat condition, I would say the indy shop did not re program the computer after the pump install. As many here will tell you, whenever you get anything replaced/repaired on your BMW the computer does in fact need to be programmed for that change. Does the Indy shop not have the diagnostic scan for BMW's ? if so let them run a scan and tell you what codes you're kicking out. I along with many here will tell you that it is total bullshit that dealers run on you, that your car needs to be fixed by them, the dealer, if you want it right. There are many good Indy shops out there with great techs. Bottom line with the Indy shops is they must have the proper diagnostic equipment in order to do the job right and complete. So, go back to the Indy shop and start there first since you paid him for the job.