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Originally Posted by propellahead View Post
Wow, just awesome. I heard this couldn't be done, but I guess since you got most all the M3 body pieces, it works. For some reason I thought this would cost much much more than what you spent.

So please forgive me for this noobish question, as I started collating all the answers to find I'd have several holes to fill anyway. But how were you able to do this for 5K?? Could you please summarize perhaps?, and list all the pieces you changed out? Not just the body panels that are already listed, but any other structural things, like for example, Did the spacers get you the correct wider stance for the wheels or did you have to go more drastic like changing the axles?

Much appreciated if you could! I'm just like you in that I love the way the M3 looks, especially the stance and the wider wheel wells, but I prefer the way the 335i drives.
HAH! Laughs at self... Sorry, just came across the post where you basically did this already. Why I should have just . Please forgive, but the wheel stance question? I never found the answer to that. Recapping, how did you widen the wheel stance? Spacers/axles?