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HAH! Laughs at self... Sorry, just came across the post where you basically did this already. Why I should have just . Please forgive, but the wheel stance question? I never found the answer to that. Recapping, how did you widen the wheel stance? Spacers/axles?
No spacers in the pictures, M3 wheels are okay without ones. But i'm currently running 25mm in front and 12mm in the rear. But better way ofc is the get some dope rims with the correct offsets. I have been running to into some financial issues with the goverment (fining me over $20k ) so I haven't gotten any rims yet. Now I ordered set of Varrstöen LM-R looks at 9,5 and 10,5 width. But the car is on sale anyways, if nobody takes it before I get the rims then i'll just keep it