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Thank you everyone for replying and certaily for reading such a large post.

Good question, if I would have done a DYI, how would one re-program the computer?

Yes, I took the car to BMW Pacific but the car was bought from a private party. What I still cannot explain myself is how the oil level sensor that displays the reading on the dash (in between rpm and speed) is no longer reading and instead displays as Inactive. That (I think) has nothing to do with the water pump, or does it?

I had the indy shop look at the oil level sensor to check if it was connected and in fact it was so I dont know. I think it is going to be a bitch to have either side fix the problem for free...

How much would a re-program cost at the dealer?

Oh man...anyone in the valley area willing to help me out? Funny thing is, I was gonna hit the road today on a trip and had all the luggage on the trunk and everything ready to go, -had to cancel that.