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how funny this is exact same thread as "how come you hate Obama" where demo's wanted smart and thorough questions/answers yet the same eact liberals give flippant smart ass answers.

Please answer the question, god knows you guys spend hrs on here arguing about lesser things...

liberals--educated and just smart enough to be dangerous yet dont understand the big picture

conservatives--semi-educated and just dumb enough to get things right by default rather than by critical thinking

teabaggers--a mixed bag of crazies just crazy enough to get the big picture...these people are the conservatives from 30 yrs ago...they respect the constitution, as our forefathers were thoughtful and intelligent enough to know what was best for our country, without being infected by the greed, stupidity bug and negligence.

One day people will realize anytime you totally associate yourself with any one group, you are not thinking for yourself...then "they" have won...they want to seperate you and to fight amongst yourselves so you take your eye off of the prize(money supply control) and keep you as the hamsters in the wheel cage that you are!...

More granite countertops, more American Idol, more Hummers...yeah...