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Thanks again for your replies

The shop I took it to only works on BMW,and I just confirmed with them that they don't have to reprogram anything after a water pump this true?

They hooked up their computer and it showed a few faults including the one I mentioned about the oil level sensor display in the dash. Let me try to post from my phone the picture I took of their screen.

Ok I can't but the faults say:

Stored faults

2E84: electric coolant pump communication
2E8B: intelligent battery sensor signal
2ACB: DME master relay activation
2E83: electric coolant pump, power reduced operation
2E85: electric coolant pump, communication
2EA1: oil condition sensor, communication (this is the one I initially noted)
2E98: alternator, communication

Active faults:
2E7C: bit serial-data interface, signal

What do you guys think?

The shop says the dealer messed up the computer programming.

Help, thanks.