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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
So if the biggest holders of US debt is our own social security fund which we know doesnt have a single penny to their name and then China and Japan who we know isnt buying much anymore....that leaves the feds to buy the paper...Feds already buying up 35-50% of the auctions in clandestine if the Feds dont have any money either and must print it, this will cause inflation...if they keep doing this at some point we could get hyperinflation.

Doesnt this hurt everyone if this happens...the savers are forced to gamble given the low yield on fixed income products...their rate of return much lower than "real" inflation...buying power getting hammered.

Isnt this the real threat to all of society??...yet you say the demo's who want to kick the can down the road and cont big govt and cont the handouts isnt the real threat?.

And what about the repubs where Halliburton, Blackwater, Rand McNally etc want war to profit, essentially control the repub side?...they hurts us too by creating wars we dont need so their oil buddies can profit like they alweays do...this creates inflation also as we need to borrow to fund these come we dont go to war except in countries(or near countries) that have oil??.

But it is the libertarians who are the biggest risk to society when they want less taxes for all and smaller govt????....hmmmm
Aren't they the only ones who won't deviate from their "beliefs"? Anyone who doesn't compromise is a risk to society. It would be no different if Democrats or Republicans didn't compromise. The tea party/libertarian view point is one of many. None of them deserve to be the only voice.

Besides, don't Tea Partier's tout the framer's as their model legislators? Certainly the framers understood the new for compromise. So, why can't tea partier's?

This whole debt limit debate seriously reduced the credibility of the tea party. Now the Democrats AND Republicans don't want to work with them.
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