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Originally Posted by Chris.G View Post
you know the new HSV GTS isn't bad at all. Test drive that car before making a purchase on any performance vehicle. You will be very suprised IMHO i would rather be driving a New GTS then be driving a used M3 (thats how much this new HSV has affected me) and yes i am a BMW enthusiest to the max.
Absolutly ..... If outrigt performance to $$ is what you are after then this is a great car. It also looks hot.

Originally Posted by 1q2w3e4r View Post
Have you driven an M3 compared to the new GTS? Not really much of a comparision. The M3 still feels like it will retain its build quailty in 5 years, I can't say the same for the GTS. The donk's great, still geared too long though.
The E46 M3 is looking old. No doubt of the build quality on the M3 but don't discount the GTS. They airn't as shabby as they used to be.

Originally Posted by walbjj View Post
a friend is looking at the gto, its about $70k, and the guy cant get over teh huge amount of torque, he has a mini cooper s jcw atm. i told him to forget about it

and yes, bmw m power, im referring to the fact that the csl is now somewhat good value as compared to before. buying hideously expensive cars brand new is one of the stupidest things to do, let some other poor slob eat the depreciation
A second hand car will also depreciate