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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
My post wasn't flippant either. A number of Tea Party sloganeering shows a complete inability to do even basic math. They mindlessly chant nonsense that is simply mathematically clueless.

Bird Dr wanted what personally irks me, and I gave it to him.

I am going to go to the Obama thread now and say "cause he is black"...

Basic math you say???

I am 25 years old and make 50K a yr...I drive a BMW 335, live in a 400K home now worth food and gas bill going up and credit card tab is 40K and I am making interest payments only...I really want to preserve my credit rating so I can keep the 10% interest(god forbid that 30% balloon interest kick in if I miss payments)....I kinda support my relatives(since they dont work) at 1000 a month as they arent doing well...I promised my relatives who think Im doing well 3000.00 a month as support over the next 10 yrs, as they have huge medical bills from the gastric bypass surgery gone wrong.....what am i going to do?...people around me think I am happy and doing well due to my exterior appearance but they dont understand my true dire situation...I have already tapped my 401K(SS) but nobody knows about friends(media) all think I am quite stable and admire me.

My credit card company(china,japan) says I should consolidate all my debt into one card....they gave me until this Tuesday to do this...they told me to stop spending so much but they did increase my credit limit...hmm...I think I will as I think this will open up more credit which is good cause I really need a new fridge and HRE wheels for my 335i...why do people tell me to quit spending yet increase my spending limit when they know I have a spending prob?...guess I could at least "slow down" my rate of spending but in the end, its all good cause my credit limit went up.

My former husband was a hard core repub and wanted me to quit spending so much on shoes but he did promote the vacations to many many foreign lands....we used his friends travel agencies cause he owes it to them and we get great deals...airfare to Kabul was only 10K.

My current husband, hardcore democrat, wants me to cont to give abit more to my relatives as they are in a sad state and it isnt their fault they havent worked in 3 yrs due to bunions...he wants me to refi our mortgage and my credit cards so we can save 2% on interest payments and maybe we can get our credit limit raised again by another 30K...but he did say people with platinum cards should pay higher rates, cause afterall, they can afford the 100 yr annual membership fees...but they do spend alot at Nordstroms where i work and we did have to hire a few part timers due to this but at least we dont have to offer them benefits.

One of my firends, who happens to be crazy and on prozac, actually told me to just stop spending and start selling some stuff...this is what I literally did.......followed by.......I quickly kicked him in the nuts and told everyone I know this guy really is crazy and needs a full colonoscopy at the airport...heard TSA doing this for free.

Ok, I am done ranting...thx for listening...two things I know though, I did get an A once in 8th grade in math class and I also stayed in a Holiday Inn last week.

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