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Originally Posted by SSKE92 View Post
The new CLS's offer 4matic IIRC...E550 is 4matic standard...S550/CL are 4Matic now as well. We had an S550, best car ever. So smooth, top quality, not bad to drive either.
Its confirmed, the 335 is gone.

I like the new CLS, but in Canada you can only order the AMG

ANd I looked...the chassis of the CLS is based on the e-class and the luxury level isn't the same as the S class.

The E-class I wasn't impressed by, amaizng engine...absolute beauty naturally aspirated engine, but the inteirior is disappointing. I'm not looking for power, I find a V6 is enough to get me into trouble -- I'm lookign for smooth, classy, confident driving.

Gone are the insecure times of rice rocketing past m3's and C classes just to feel good. No sense in that.

I think I'll likely end up buying an S450 short wheel base. Gonna miss a driver's car, but such are the demands of life!