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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
if you took that as a racist insult against Obama you are even more dumb than I originally thought......the insult was against your original post...did the blowdry feel good???...
Wow. You STILL think that a racist attack on someone for their racial status, is the same as saying that you disagree with people's political math?

Here is an idea for you. How about saying something like:

"My bad, I realize that attacking someone based upon their skin color is a racist attack, and in no way compares to disagreeing with people's political math. It was a very bad parallel, and I understand that my idea of making a racist attack on someone for their racial status was wrong. Just like labeling Obama a Tar Baby was wrong."

Instead of taking personal responsibility, you AGAIN resort to yet another personal attack against me. Classy. Way to make the Tea Party look good in the "what irks you about the Tea Party" thread.